Hi, my name is Norman and I create and design a selection of bespoke artisan homewares and furniture. I trained at the Carpenters Company in Great Titchfield Street; they are one of the ancient livery companies in London.

I have a diploma in fine woodwork and won a City & Guilds Silver Medal for craftsmanship as a student.

My main vision is to bring beauty and functionality into the home, to improve the quality and pleasure in using everyday items. My heart and soul goes into things I make, I want them to be enjoyed, to have a life.

I take my inspiration from nature, spending time in the Cairngorm Mountains, the wilderness and being surrounded by God's canvas. I know I will never create anything as beautiful and serene, as the tree it came from.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, have a peaceful day.

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Creative Feel Designs

Creative Feel Designs

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