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Unit Lab is a design brand based in London. We are inspired by science and the natural world and make playful homeware that tickles your imagination. All our products are made from high-quality sustainable materials and manufactured with great attention to detail in and around our workshop.

Part of our collection is the Gravity Ruler, a ruler for weighing objects made from stainless steel and brass. The Gravity Ruler is a simple desktop tool that combines a ruler and letter scales to demonstrate the relationship between distance and weight, allowing you to weigh objects in an analogue way on the edge of your office table.

Our Seashell Headphones allow you to get lost in the sounds of the sea, designed to bring the sensory experience of the sea into the urban home. The Seashell Headphones contain no electronics, but are made from 100% recycled acrylic, turned aluminium, and two tiger shells.

Our Balancing Tray is a coffee tray made from Jesmonite and steel shots. The tray is heavily weighted on one side, which shifts the centre of balance and allows the tray to hang off the edge of the table, creating a curious spectacle in your home.

Our most recent series of workshops is called Resonant Objects Workshop. In this workshop we experiment with Chladni patterns. We resonate coloured sand on different metal plates and observe how the patterns change. We then capture the moment when the pattern happens by casting on top of it with Jesmonite, “freezing” it into position, making coasters and bookends that participants can take home.

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