Twig Plants and Pots


Transform your home and welcome the outside in with Twig Plants and Pots.

I create a wide selection of handmade concrete indoor plant pots, all unique designs, shapes and sizes. Designs vary from hand-painted freehand or geometric styles to marbled concrete pigments. These handcrafted pots are lovingly matched with my healthy homegrown house plants.

Coming from a conservation background I’ve lived in a variety of environments; from the jungles of Cambodia and Costa Rica to the rainforests of Congo and Papua New Guinea. During this time I realised the close connection people have to the land, nature and each other. As more and more people gravitate to urban environments and away from nature we are losing this connection. So I've decided to bring nature back into our lives! My aim is to reinforce the importance of the natural world while encouraging and inspiring people to create their own green space at home.

Plants create calm, introduce wilderness, inspire people and improve wellbeing - the perfect living companions. I also understand the importance of style and aesthetics in people’s homes. So, by creating beautiful, timeless designs and luscious green life-reviving plants you can transform your home with Twig into living, breathing spaces full of interesting sights and smells.

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Aga Robak

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