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I'm Melodie, owner of SlinkyLinks Jewellery. Originally from Paris, I moved to London in 2008 to train and pursue a career in shoe-making. After working for a couple of years in the industry, I got tired of seeing so much leather wasted and decided to act. That's how SlinkyLinks was born in 2013.

All the jewellery is made from reclaimed leather with scraps from other leather crafts. I only use the best pieces to create modern, stylish and versatile jewellery, keeping active women in mind.

Working with leather is so rewarding. It's an amazing material - flexible but tough, light but rich. It comes in so many colours and textures that the possibilities are endless. I'm lucky to have access to a lot of patent leather which creates stunning and very rich results. I get most of my inspiration from nature and architecture but also from fashion and trends.

I only work from reclaimed leather - meaning that I use scraps of leather, not from whole skins. I like the idea that you can create something beautiful from things that other people would discard. This also means that I have to work with what I have; however small or quirky the bits are, I have to create something from it - I love the challenge!

I design, cut and make all of my jewellery from my studio in East London. I only work with good quality, allergy free materials like Stainless steel and 14K gold to complement the leather. It took me a while to find the appropriate metals to work with but I wanted something that people could wear often and keep for a long time.

I will continue to create elegant, versatile and original jewellery as long as I can. I never imagined myself as a jewellery designer but now I can't imagine doing anything else.
I hope you will love wearing my designs as much as I love making them!

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