Rosa Pietsch


Rosa Pietsch creates imaginative, original jewellery using a mix of materials and processes. Each piece is handmade to order in her small studio in South London. Having begun her career in textiles and accessory design for a womenswear brand, she soon moved into jewellery design, using her evenings and weekends to try out new design ideas or sell at local markets. As her range grew, so did her customer base and in 2015 she went full time with her brand.

Inspiration comes from an eclectic mix of subjects - from vintage textiles and art deco patterns, to the materials used in the designs - such as mirrored and opaque acrylics, and hand-cast resin with gold leaf or marbled colours. Inlaid laser-cut shapes are combined with hand-cast resin to create a unique combination of textures.

Pieces range from small, subtle stud earrings to intricate, eye-catching statement necklaces.
Custom colours or designs are possible - feel free to get in touch to discuss ideas!

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