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Founded in 2016, Rachel and Joseph is a small jewellery studio located in the lovely village of Blackheath in South East London.

The owner, Estelle, is an artisan who loves to pour every ounce of her heart, skill and passion into her products.

Estelle is a dreamer, a creative mind who loves more than just crafting beautiful jewellery. She also loves words, enchanting, beautiful and powerful words. She loves them all.

And that's the reason why she created a range of jewellery that allow you to wear words, to embrace their beauty completely and express what you feel.

The choice of using only cursive letters in her designs comes from her sweet childhood when she learned the basics of handwriting in a French primary school.

Simplicity and quality are the driving force behind the studios work, and we approach our design in a minimalistic yet elegant fashion.

From start to finish our bespoke creations are entirely sculpted by hand in our studio and by using only high quality materials (14K Gold filled and Argentium® Silver) throughout the process, the end result is one of quality and beauty.

Whether you choose to express your feelings or tell a story, our personalised designs are thought out so that they connect with you!

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2 Hungry Bakers

2 Hungry Bakers