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Laura Robinson founded My Icon Story in 2017 after an award-winning career in advertising. Inspired by her own travels and life experiences, Laura wanted to find a unique and visual way for people to capture their memories and stories in a modern and minimalist iconic keepsake. Simply put, My Icon Story is your life told through icons. Whether a single moment in time or lifetime, My Icon Story enables you to turn any story into a personalised art print, with each memory, occasion or moment represented by an icon of your choice.

From Copenhagen to a Cosmopolitan Cocktail, a Tuk Tuk to a Tipi, choose from over 800 of Laura’s minimalist icons a or request your own to be designed and added for free! Laura proudly offers a truly personalised service to ensure your My Icon Story print is as special and meaningful as the memories it represents.Just like no two people are the same, no two My Icon Story prints will ever be the same (well…unless you buy more than one of your own Icon Story).

Guaranteed smiles all round, a My Icon Story print is the ultimate personalised gift. What story will you tell?

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