Mister Peebles

Paper Goods

Mister Peebles is a shy and retiring fellow. He likes nothing more than a strong tea (or G&T) and sitting down with his unusual animal companions. 

This shy gent doesn’t have many human pals, except for me. My name is Helen. 

Mister Peebles and I started out while living in sunny Tasmania, Australia. We have since found ourselves back in East London in a little studio drawing and making our creations. I illustrate his animals using watercolour pencils, pen and puns. All the original illustrations are made with layers of pencil, paint and water. Sometimes they start with the animal, others with a word or phrase.

We then create, stamp, sign & pack up each print at Peebles H.Q. ready for you to enjoy. Everything is printed in house or by wonderful independent UK based printers. We always use recycled and planet friendly materials when we can.

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