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We offer a nourishing, effective, complete natural skincare ritual.

With the Meadow range it’s as much about the nasties we leave out as it is the skin-loving ingredients we put in. Each ingredient is included because it is good for the skin, is of the highest quality and comes from a sustainable source. We never include mineral oil, phalates, parabens or synthetic fragrances in our blends.

We source our Maillette Lavender from a farm up the road from us in Shoreham, Kent, just one of our ingredients we buy locally to help keep our carbon footprint low.

Our Shea Butter is from a company running a co-operative for fairtrade in Ghana. We have a special love for the soft, caressing smoothness that Nilotica Shea brings to our cleanser, moisturising balm and exfoliant.⠀

Our Plant Oils are organically sourced from the handful of sustainable companies we work with. Each ingredient is carefully tested in micro batches by us to ensure consistency and quality from jar to jar. ⠀

We hope you are able to enjoy using our skincare in the knowledge that we are trying our absolute best to tread lightly on the Earth as our business grows.

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Georgina Baker Illustration

Georgina Baker Illustration