Love Absolute Skincare


I make the products I’d like to have and use, as well as the products my clients want to use. Gentle enough for everyone and luxurious enough to make you feel extra special and ultra pampered.

It’s often only a few minutes we get to home spa and to engage in some relaxation, so what you use should delight the senses and restore balance to your skin and mind, whilst re charging batteries and restoring peace to the soul.

I believe in multifunctional solutions, using small amount of something beautiful that works, rather than throwing tons of products and plastic into the bin or down the sink, therefore minimising and keeping things simple. You may only need three or four products that are a joy to use and that cover all bases.

How it’s made ...

Ingredients: carefully selected high quality organic ingredients and pure English grown bio-diverse wild fruit and flower oils, bio active earth clay's and 100% natural botanicals.

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Mapp of London

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