Liz Padgham-Major 'The Accidental Stitcher'


Liz Padgham-Major is 'The Accidental Stitcher' and specialises in hand embroidery and fibre art.

Obsessed with the notion of creating work with her hands, she has always adored the idea of the hand made object and collected fabric and threads but didn't think she would end up being an embroiderer!

Liz is based in East Sussex and works in the sunniest room in her rural home where she designs and creates embroidery art, woven wall hangings and handmade embroidery kits.

Liz has a background in teaching creative workshops and has a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art.

She works with many types of threads including silk and cotton and creates beautifully soft and gentle wall hangings for the home along with her colourful abstract wall hoops. Her hand embroideries are often stitched using single threads and Liz strives to create highly detailed work.

For collaborations, commissions, and general enquiries, please contact Liz using the form below:

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