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Hello, I am Morena and I am the maker at Kodes Accessories. I hand paint geometric jewellery and also make baby friendly teething necklaces. I have been hand painting necklaces since 2015, when I purchased a pair of geometric wooden earrings and could not find a matching necklace I liked. So I purchased the materials and made the first Kodes!

Since then I've been able to express through jewellery my style and love for block colours, geometric shapes and big statement pieces while still light to wear. The jewellery is hand painted with acrylic colours and coated with matte, satin or shiny varnish. I use wax cotton cords as well as faux suede and nickel free chains and findings. Each piece is inspired by my love for bright colours, or my underlying love for 60s and 70s vintage, plus some of the current trends in fashion and homewares.

I also produce custom pieces, based on clients' outfits and taste. Each item can be personalised and curated by me, including adding an initial or full name to any necklace which are hand stamped.

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Liz Trumble

Liz Trumble