Kindred + Wild


Kindred + Wild is an organic skincare apothecary based in London. All the products are handcrafted with care and thought in small batches using natural, plant ingredients

Kindred + Wild is born out of my own experiences with skin issues and the eventual holistic approach towards health and life. My research of plants and inspiration for products is rooted in a deep love for nature and its mysteries, and curiosity of history + folklore of herbal medicine, Ayurveda and other traditional herb wisdom. I also refer to writings of the likes of Nicolas Culpeper, John Gerard etc.

Inspired by the humble plants and herbs which can be found in most gardens, my first collection is made of 6 products for everyday use -3 multi-use oils and 3 balms. The idea that we don’t  have to look further than our own garden for basic everyday skincare really stuck with me.

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Jacqueline Colley

Jacqueline Colley