Juan is Dead


'Juan Is Dead'

Collectables from the afterlife

Artist Leah Reeves combines her love of mosaic and Mexican art and culture to create the world of Juan is Dead.  Her ever growing family of colourful characters paint the afterlife as one hell of a party, they enjoy everything from their living life, but without guilt, hangovers, constraints or worry.

Leah explains that she always loved portraying skulls and skeletons in her art and after visiting Mexico during the Dia De Los Muertos any doubts surrounding her artistic theme were erased. She felt moved and somehow grounded by the natural way death and grief are embedded in the Mexican culture, compared to the very isolating way it is treated here, and since then she hasn’t looked back.

She uses the graphic and bold style of mosaic to create contemporary one-off pieces of art and illustrations for a range of crafty products.

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