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Every Jo Saunders Design product is a thoughtful consideration of print, colour and form and it is fundamental to Jo that these three elements are in balance. The range comprises of bags, wash bags, pouches, cushions, purses and more.

Each piece starts with the textile design which is usually developed by working spontaneously straight onto fabric using cut out templates. She prefers to use scissors as a shape making tool rather than drawing in a sketchbook – probably from working as a pattern cutter for so many years!

Each print is then engineered to accommodate the individual products - one product, one print design. This ensures that each piece is truly unique and not part of a production line. Each product is then meticulously cut and stitched by Jo in her East Sussex studio.

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Corinne Taylor

Corinne Taylor

Esoteric London Jewellery

Esoteric London Jewellery