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My work is very much inspired by botanical nature and architectural patterns, with colour playing an important role in my design process. Having been fascinated by technical processes at university, I adore the hand print process and create most of my products through silkscreen printing.

The designs created for my work are heavily based on mark making and intertwining texture into the print process. Aside from silkscreen printing, dyeing is a process that I also explore within my work and like my inspiration of nature, I often use natural dyes to dye my fabrics. I adore the laborious process of extracting colour from natural dyes, which gives parity to my intention as a designer, only producing small batches of products at a time to continue the ‘hand crafted’ presence.

The fabrics that I use are sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers and manufacturers, who deal with organic grown cotton, linen and bamboo silk. All silk that I use is second hand.

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Jonna Saarinen

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