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Ink & Brayer creates limited edition linocut prints in Tottenham, North London and was set up by printmaker and designer Jess Linden White.

Jess loves animals and plants and her inspiration comes mainly from the natural world here on Earth, but her work also features fantastical things from further afield into space, as science fiction is a particular fascination.

All the prints start out as Jess’ sketches, which she works on to identify areas of contrast, texture, or colour that will work well in a print, before carving the design into a lino block with special tools.

The prints are made using high quality inks and papers and each picture in an edition is carefully hand-printed, signed and numbered, so there are little variations and no two are exactly the same - you’ll be owning or gifting a totally unique original.

Ink & Brayer also offers reproductions of some prints as greetings cards.

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