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Hello! I am Elizabeth, an illustrator and print designer based in London, UK. Indi Skoven Prints, meaning ‘Into the Woods’, was launched in 2017 as an exciting new collection of boho floral and nature-inspired prints.

I have always enjoyed creating art work across a wide range of different media, but it was during my time working for a furniture and interior design company that I grew really passionate about print design. I now print my illustrations onto fabrics designed for use across a range of home-ware accessories and I also have a growing collection of decorative giclee prints and stationery.

My work takes inspiration from many places; my desire to put paintbrush to paper is often motivated by wandering past bloom-laden city flower stalls, or driving down summery country lanes. I am also influenced by folklore, the aesthetic traditions of which often arise from mystical forest or rural settings. I love to bring the prettiness and wonder of nature indoors, whilst rendering it a little bit quirky along the way.

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