Glaze Me Pretty


I'm Raquel, a ceramicist based in South London making handmade pottery from my tiny garden shed.

My passion is to create beautiful glazes starting from raw materials like feldspars and oxides. All the glazes I use are the result of multiple rounds of testing and refining, aiming to find surfaces that showcase the complexity of the glaze chemistry.

I use a white stoneware clay and my preferred technique is throwing in the pottery wheel. After turning the pots to refine their shape, they are left to dry for at least a week and then fired to 1000 degrees centigrade. This first firing transforms the raw clay into ceramics and makes the pots strong enough to be glazed. Once glazed they are fired one last time to 1260 degrees centigrade and let to slowly cool in they kiln for at least one day.

For collaborations, commissions, and general enquiries, please contact Raquel using the form below:

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