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David is a Peckham based artist and illustrator interested in pattern, line, stories and animals. He developed his love of drawing whilst training as an architect in Manchester. After becoming a chartered architect, David worked in industry designing schools for several years. Now working within architectural sales, David spends the rest of his time playing guitar, drawing using pen and ink and screen printing. His favourite medium is the humble Biro.

David is particularly interested in engaging with popular culture and reinterpreting narratives through bold illustrations and prints that explore texture, colour, line and space.

David is currently developing his "Books I've Never Read" series, which takes classic, acclaimed book titles, ranging from the cult to the popular - those books which he feels he ‘really should have read’- and attempts to interpret their themes and narratives based on reading only the back-cover blurb. With this project David aims to engage those who have read the titles and may recognise familiar imagery relating to their consciousness and memory of the novel and it’s themes, as well as too inspire those who have not read the books to do so. Perhaps others will wonder ‘what the hell was was he thinking’! The next stage of David’s project after drawing the books ‘blind’ is to actually read them.

Alongside this he has recently begun a new project taking captioned scenes from cult foreign cinema.

All screen prints are hand pulled, signed and numbered by David and are kept to small limited editions.

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