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Hello! My name's Claire and I'm the human behind Cobalt Hill. I'm a 3D designer day-to-day and Cobalt Hill came about from a desire to realise my own ideas.

The products are quite a mixed bag but they all stem from my own personal interests from eye-catching statement necklaces and fashion, to wordplay and pop culture. It's even better if I can inject some humour into a few of my products - I love seeing customers' reactions at markets!

I design everything that is Cobalt Hill from the branding to all the products, and whenever possible (and within my skill set!) I make the pieces, such as my jewellery collection. My enamel pins have to be made in China but I try to use local London suppliers if I need to outsource anything like the screen printed clothes and all my packaging. I've really enjoyed the Cobalt Hill journey so far and am looking forward to see where it takes me next!

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