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Originally a jeweller, my illustrations began with a funny request from a friend who ordered some coasters. Not wanting to disappoint, I sent her the coasters and some quickly made mini books featuring the dinosaurs.

'I would like both Dinosaurs to be toilet trained, and proficient in martial arts, cookie making and fetching slippers. I would also like to know their family histories and place of birth. Ideally this would be in the form of a story book, because I only like to read when there are pictures beside the words'

Later, I decided to use the drawings and had postcards and gift tags made, then I decided to make an alphabet of dinosaurs, then another, then a colouring book. My range has grown and I now have a wide range of dinosaur themed products.

I still make jewellery from tactile materials focusing on line and geometric shapes (and some dinosaurs!).

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Kate Broughton

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I Am Acrylic