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I am Andra and I'm a ceramic artist working in a studio in south-east London. I love creating ceramic pieces with stories and imagining what lives they would have in a fantasy world. Each piece is unique, carefully designed and handmade by me.

Once I have the design in mind, I start hand building, throwing or sculpting the pieces which are then left to harden. The next day I apply some finishing touches or decorations and leave them to dry completely, after which they are fired in the kiln for 24 hours. The next step is the glazing process and finally they are fired again the kiln for about 24 hours.

I draw my inspiration from things like atlases, quirky objects and textures.

For collaborations, commissions, and general enquiries, please contact Andra using the form below:

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Sakina Saidi

Sakina Saidi

Jade Gallup Studio

Jade Gallup Studio