On a mission to create the best dressed walls in town, my work with vintage plates is a ‘second life’ career for me - and incredibly exciting at that.

Variously described as the ‘Queen of Ceramic Quirk’ and ‘something of a secret Banksy of the vintage plate world’, I’m humbled and flattered that within a year of launching, I was commissioned to make plates for the restaurant walls of a new hotel styled by Ted Baker (as well as for Ted himself).
And more recently, I was commissioned by The Artist Residence to dress a wall in the Cambridge Street Café in their hotel in Pimlico.

So what do I do and what is so special?

I source vintage plates from all around the UK and transform them into decorative pieces with a contemporary twist.
By combining wit, satire and style, the juxtaposition of my quirky imagery within the framework of the classic design of the original plate, creates engaging, alternative - and affordable - wall art.

Every plate/plate set I transform is a one off – I repeat designs but never with the same plates.

Inspired by Pop Art, collage and general quirkiness,  the unique context and frame of each vintage plate presents a new excitement and challenge every time.

And this remains a key part of my business.

But in response to requests for more functional versions, I have also been designing bespoke, tableware lines – functional but witty and beautiful too.

Working closely with a pottery in Stoke, my designs are turned into silk screen prints and hand applied as decals to fine bone china plates.

There are currently two ranges – ‘Catch of the Day’ comprising four pairs of dinner and bread plates and ‘Desserts are on Me’, comprising a set of six plates.

The opportunity to buy them as complete sets or to mix and match, adds to the fun of creating table settings that are guaranteed to raise a smile and get people talking.

NB: It is just the tableware that is available wholesale

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