Dainty jewellery that lets you be yourself with just a little added sparkle.

AHNE was founded by Eni Cani, who passionately handcrafts the jewellery in her London studio.

Her mission is to create handmade jewellery that doesn't break the bank, but is also sustainable.

"I want to counter fast paced fashion trends by providing pieces that can be worn for years if not a lifetime. My focus lies in simple, dainty jewellery that can be stacked & layered without looking clunky.

Sustainability and eco friendliness are an important part of my life. By creating made to order jewellery, the issues that arise from mass production are eliminated. This also gives my customers a piece of jewellery that is made specifically for them."

AHNE uses environmentally safe production methods, completely bypassing the chemicals that are used in traditional jewellery making.

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Meadow Skincare

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