Sakura creates vintage inspired millinery and accessories from her small studio in Didsbury, Manchester.

Each piece is hand sewn and made with love using a variety of upcycled and contemporary designer fabrics, quality felts, feathers and vintage trims.

Having begun her career conserving and restoring antique pieces in National Museums, she turned her sights in bringing old pieces back to life and using traditional production techniques with modern materials.

Sources of inspiration come from all around; the architecture of the Art Deco period, silver screen legends, antique kimono and Norman Parkinson style prints.

Pieces suit a variety of budgets from little girl’s hair clips and headbands to sparkling bridal combs; from feather headpieces to sculptural millinery.

Each hat and headpiece is steamed on an antique former to recreate a past silhouette. They are embellished by hand to give that unique shape and personal feel.

The beauty of handmade is that it can be adapted and amended to suit a particular colour palette, personal preference, less or indeed more feathers! Please contact us for a free design consultation.

Sally Nencini

Sally Nencini

Blank Inside

Blank Inside