Priormade specialises in making retail products from reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials. Designer and fabricator Beck Prior is fascinated by materials which have a history or “back story” which can add meaning and help create a deeper connection between an object she has made and its customer/owner. For example, recent jewellery pieces have been made from wood salvaged from the remains of the Grand Pier at Weston-Super-Mare destroyed by fire in 2008, from floorboards reclaimed from Bawdsey Radar Station, an early warning radar station which was instrumental in the Second World War, and also from an 18th Century ship’s hatch. The alloy is Sterling Silver.

Other jewellery pieces take the form of feathers hand cut from used bicycle inner tubes.  She keeps a record of the location and circumstances in which the inner tube was punctured. For example, ‘Matty Hemmings – Pro BMX rider – popped during school workshop.’ The alloy is Hypoallergenic titanium.

In addition to her jewellery designs, Beck produces a range of planters made from Birch Plywood.  Birch plywood is considered a sustainable material when sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Birch trees are an abundant, fast growing, renewable resource, and plywood production makes efficient use of available material from the tree.

Beck buys her Birch Plywood from a local Bristol supplier. It is a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified product consisting of a mix of recycled and virgin wood/fibres from other FSC certified sources. All off cuts are used to make keyrings and magnets, ensuring there is minimal waste. Beck use’s non-toxic paints and mineral oil to finish.

All packaging is recycled, except for the polypropylene jewellery display bags which ARE recyclable.

Beck strives to be a designer who is responsible for their impact on the environment and create work using sustainable resources, whenever possible.

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